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The following section contains details of the projects I have worked on as a Freelance Event Professional. If you're looking for details of the projects I worked on before 2012, please check the Gallery section. 

The Other Side Of Greece, 30/10/2013, London


The Other Side Of Greece is a concert with a difference. The brainchild of Fillipos Pliatsikas (ex-singer for Pix Lax) it marries music with theatre in a performance which truly displays the other side of Greece.

As a stage manager I was responsible for all performance changes, stage setups as well as assistant tour manager duties.


Plus I got to work with Filippos Pliatsikas and Babis Stokas again after 2000 and in one of my favourite London venues.

Calexico, 30/11 & 1/12/2012, Greece


After their triumphant 3 show sold-out show in 2009, Calexico returned to Athens and Thessaloniki for 2012 again selecting Anosi and me as their exclusive promoters in Greece.


For these two shows I acted as a promoter for Anosi, negotiating the deal, securing venues and managing all production and promotion.


Both shows were a resounding success with the Athens show breaking their sold-out record by 20%.

Tin Pan Alley - Modular Performance Space, Athens


Tin Pan Alley is a multi purpose venue that just opened in the centre of Athens. The brainchild of enterprenure Themis Vasarmides, Tin Pan Alley will be a multi-arts oasis in the historic Athens city centre.


As a consultant I advised on issues to do with the event aspect of the business plan, staffing (including the position of Programme Manager), Sound and Lights as well as undertook market and competition research. I also happen to be the godfather of the venue's subtitle "Modular Performance Space".


The venue recently opened with an original multimedia theatre event that has so far been sold out.

20 Years Phoebus, 24/09/2012, Athens


20 Years Phoebus was a pop gala concert held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. In celebration of the first 20 years of the successful career of composer and producer Phoebus Tassopoulos, over 16 of the most acclaimed Greek pop artists performed to over 30.000 fans.


My responsibilities as Press Officer was shaping the publicity campaign for the concert. This included copywriting all publicity material, overseeing production of advertising media (including 16 different TV Spots) and coordinating the message calendar.


Also I managed an e-media campaign that saw the "Likes" for Spicy's Facebook page rise by 20.000 in one month.

Epica, 26 & 27/5/2012, Greece


Epica, one of the most successful symphonic metal acts, have always been more than welcome in Greece. Not only by me but by thousands of fans.

Having booked the band's first show in Greece in 2007 and following that with shows in 2008 and 2010, I was again awarded the pleasure of promoting them in 2012. Once more I handled all aspects of the show, from negotiating the deal to securing the venues and running all publicity.


I aslo managed to secure 3 amazing opening acts, giving the opportunity to Belgian act Skeptical Minds and local sensations Seduce The Heaven and Meden Agan to support Epica, gaining the audience's adoration.



dEUS, 16 & 17/03/2012, Greece


dEUS are a much loved band in Greece. In fact in 2006 they packed a 1200 cap. venue twice.

For the 2012 shows, we decided to make things more intimate, placing them in the 1450 cap. Fuzz Club in Athens. As a promoter I was in charge of booking, production management and publicity for this show, working for Anosi S.A.


I am proud to say that dEUS performed two awe-inspiring shows in Thessaloniki and Athens and brought delight to the ears and faces of thousands of their fans.

Evanthia Reboutsika, 19/2/2012, Athens


Evanthia Reboutsika is one of the most loved and criticaly acclaimed traditional music artists in Greece. 

St. Philaret The Merciful Orthodox Womens' Guild, a charity helping the homeless, one-parent families and recovering addicts.


For this show I acted as Press Officer, in charge of all publicity and marketing. This included arranging ticketing as well as media coverage,

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