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Offering experience and expertise in the following fields:

Event Organising

Having over 15 years of experience in the live events industry can be hard to coalesce in a few paragraphs. However here are some highlights.


Starting way back in 1999 my baptism of fire was Iron Maiden's 19.800 capacity show in Athens. Moving on to Rockwave Festival 2000 & 2001, tours of Greece by major local and international artists (Pix Lax, Harlem Globetrotters, Goran Bregovic and others).


I project led MMD Festival for 2007 and 2008, before moving on to Electron Nights Festival 2009 and 2010. 


Most recently, I have started bringing Greek stand-up comedians to the UK. So far two leading comics, Silas Serafim and Lambros Fisfis have performed in Manchester and more is still to come! 


It is one of the great rewards to be able to transfer knowledge to a younger generation.

This is the reason why I constantly strive to impart knowledge to up-and-comming professionals in the field.

Apart from being a visiting lecturer for SAE Institue Athens in the subjects of Event Management and Touring & Merchandise, I have also taken on mentoring promising individuals through work placements.


Students or mentees have attained positions within GEA (Greek Copyright Society), Sony Music or started successful businesses of their own.


It's not enough to have a good idea if people don't know about it.


That's where marketing comes in.


I have worked on a number on successful marketing campaigns for events, venues and  services.


Ranging from stadium filling shows (20 Years Phoebus - Olympic Stadium Athens) to award winning websites ( and impressive multi-art venues (Tin Pan Alley, Athens) I have shaped the marketing campaigns of dozen of events and services and made sure the vision of their founders was interpreted and transimitted expertly and succintly to the audience.


Interested in hiring me for one of your events? Let's Talk.​

"Jason is a talented and trully recognised Promoter in Greece. His CV represents a list of succesfull concert bookings, all of which have one thing in common: Sold out!"

Periklis Pitsolantis - HC Media Group


"I have worked closely with Jason Kaldis, since 2006. He demonstrated more that sufficient capability when dealing with large scale productions (eg. 2-stage festivals) as well as an attention to detail even when dealing with small problems. I find him an pleasure to work with as he is a focused and motivated individual, not afraid to deal with problems hands-on and equally tuned to visualising the big picture."

Stamos Vasilakis - Manos Backline Services


"As journalists, we rely a lot on timing, accuracy of information and understanding to facilitate our work and Jason Kaldis has always done so, with great professionalism and - where needed - a sense of humor.  I'd happily recommend him to any of my colleagues."

Danai Molocha - Athinorama


"Jason is detail oriented, fun to work with, highly focused on each project, patient, inspires team work. He has extensive professional knowledge in corporate and human communication. Strong organizational skills and interpersonal relationships."

Stella Formozi - The Spicy Effect


"I have worked with Jason both in his position at Anosi but also as part of the Greek Promoters Association. I have found him to be an excellent negotiator, capable of understanding the needs of the opposite side as well as making sure the interests he represents are not compromised. He has shown to be a capable organiser and he has been more than helpful towards younger members of the profession such as myself."

Anna Katsa - CTS Productions


"Jason was one of my tutors in Sae Technology Group in Athens in 2012. He gave us lectures about event Management,Touring & Merchandise and I still remember phrases from his lectures and event now I try to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired in the events I organise. Last summer (2014) he gave me advice and suport for the Song Contest I organised here in Greece. If somebody asked me to describe Jason I would say that he is a reliable, selfless and experienced man. I believe in him as a person and as a proffesional and I admire him a lot."

Bessy Selaniki - Freel Productions


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