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Greek Stand-up Comedy

Since 2015 I have taken on promoting Greek comedians in the UK and Europe, by bringing the cream of the crop of Greek stand-up comedy for one-off shows and tours.

Silas Serafeim "50 Shades Of Greek", 24/05/2015, Manchester


Silas Serafeim, often referred to as "the George Carlin of Greece", is one of the first and the longest performing stand-up comedians in Greece. 

He was the 1st performer on stage for the opening night of the very first comedy club in Greece and has since been going strong with radio and TV appearances, his own YouTube show "In The Mind of Silas" and of course stand-up.

Lambros Fisfis "This is 30", 11/10/2015, Manchester


If Silas is Greece's George Carlin then Lambros is undoubtedly its Jerry Seinfeld. A stand-up comedian since 2008, Lambros moved into scriptwriting. His first sitcom "The 592€ Generation" was a major success then topped by the astounding popularity of his next show "Burn The Script". 

Lambros continues to write and perform both in front of the cameras and on stage.

Silas Serafeim & Lila "TrueStory"
"20 Years Stand-Up Comedy" UK Tour


Silas returned to the UK for a tour, bringing with him comedian Lila "TrueStory" with her own YouTube series "True Story" and regular appearances on Greek TV.

Silas and Lila became the first comedians to perform in Greek in Edinburgh and London and started the expansion of Greek Stand Up in the UK. 


Mikeius, Dionysis Atzarakis & Jeremy "#ComedyRevolution" UK Tour

Mikeius is one of the most popular YouTubers and stand-up comedians in Greece with multiple shows on

Jeremy is also a hugely popular YouTuber and stand-up comedian with his own channel and multiple shows.

Dionysis Atzarakis is a successful stand-up comedian currently writting and hosting the TV show "Cinelthete".


Lambros Fisfis - "London, Amsterdam or Edinburgh you've forgotten where you want to go" European Tour

With what is possibly the longest title for a comedy tour, at least for Greek stand-up, Lambros returned to the UK for shows in London and Edinburgh as well and an appearance in Amsterdam.

He performed his new show entitled "See The Positive" to sold out crowds in all 4 cities he visited.

Angelo Tsarouchas "The Funny Greek", Manchester 5/3/2017

Award-winning Greek comedian, Angelo Tsarouchas, is a big guy with a huge

appetite for making people laugh. 


The Canadian-born stand up has performed shows at comedy festivals around the world, including Melbourne, Sydney, Montreal and Edinburgh.

He brought his latest show, “Angelo Tsarouchas is The Funny Greek,” to a sold out audience in Manchester on Sunday, March 5th .

Michalis Mathioudakis & Byron Theodoropoulos - "Motorcycle Diaries or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Road " European Tour

Michalis Mathioudakis and Byron Theodoropoulos are two of the best up-and-coming comedians in the Greek stand-up scene.


After touring their two-man show around Greece for the last 1 ½ year, they finally opened their wings and embarked on their first European Tour.

The tour was a resounding success with sold out shows in Edinburgh, London and Amsterdam.

Giorgos Xatzipavlou - European Tour

Giorgos Xatzipavlou is one of Greece's most prolific stand-up comedians. He is also the creator of Greece's first stand-up show for children. 

In Oct 2017 after almost 10 months of planning, Giorgos undertook his first European tour.  With 11 shows in 9 cities over 7 countries this was the longest tour any Greek stand-up comedian has embarked on. 

The results were astounding ; 9 shows sold out and raving reviews.

Truly an amazing success that opens the way for even more Greek comedians in the future! 

Dimitris Dimopoulos - Stand Up Comedy Anthology On Tour

Dimitris Dimopoulos  is celebrating a 20 year career in stand up and embarked on his first European Tour. 

He brought his unique brand of humour to Edinburgh, B​russels, Amsterdam, London, Manchester and Berlin, entertaining audiences all over.

Dionysis Atzarakis & Thomas Zabras - Cinélthete European Tour

Dionysis Atzarakis and Thomas Zabras are the comedic geniuses behind the hit TV show Cinélthete, which aired for 2 seasons on SKAI TV in Greece.

They are also adept stand-up comedians with a slew of sold out shows (solo and as a duet) all other Greece. In February 2018 they embarked on their first European Tour which included Stockholm and Brno, making them the first Greek stand-up comedians to ever perform in Sweden and the Czech Republic. 

Silas Serafim - The Other History Of Greece European Tour

Three years after his first show outside of Greece, Silas Serafim returns for his first European Tour. 

He brought his unique and hilarious look at the history of Greece to 6 cities across Europe, enchanting but also educating the audience everywhere he appeared. 

KTS poster.png
 Burn The Script Reloaded - Zurich, 26/9/2018

Burn The Script, the brainchild of Lambros Fisfis, Dimitris Makalias and Zissis Roubos, was the 1st ever comedy improv show on Greek television. It ran for 2 seasons on Mega Channel and was one of the most beloved shows. 

5 years after the last episode was broadcast, the show is back, this time on YouTube and with it a brief European tour that rapidly sold out! 

Xrysa Katsarini - Hit The Road Xrysa! European Tour


Xrysa Katsarini is one of the most loved Greek female stand-up comedians combining hit YouTube shows, TV panel appearances and of course amazing stand up. 

Her first european tour took her to 5 cities with amazing results, as people travelled up to 9 hours to see her show! 

Instagram Story.jpg
Angelo Tsarouchas & Giorgos Xatzipavlou - Stand Up Comedy Special On Tour

Stand up superstars Angelo Tsarouchas and Giorgos Xatzipavlou joined forces for a tour of Greek, bringing a bilingual comedy show to Thessaloninki, Heraklion, Patra and Athens and selling out venue after venue! 

Giorgos Xatzipavlou - Comedy Club for kids European Tour

Comedy Club for kids is the first Greek stand up show for children aged 6-12 and their parents. ​

A passion project for Giorgos, it took to the road in November and December 2018, spreading laughter in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

It also became the first Greek stand up show to visit the Hague and Munich.

Mikeius - Live In Manchester, 17/3/2019​

Mikeius returned to Manchester, three years after his first performance in the city.​

This time is was a record breaking success since he became the 1st Greek comedian to sell out 2 shows in Manchester.

He brought his solo show "I Am Mikekakious" to an adoring audience.

Aristotelis Rigas & Stelios Anatolitis - Brain Drain European Tour, March 2019

Aristotelis Rigas is one of Greece's first musical comedian. He combines one-liners and musical comedy to great effect. 

Stelios Anatolitis is one of the fastest up-and-coming Greek comedians with success on YouTube and live. 

Together they toured Europe bringing their own separate but complementary brands of comedy to Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

Giorgos Xatzipavlou, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Angelo Spiliopoulos & Dimitra Nikitea - Comedy Birthday Party - Zurich, 25/05/2019

The 4th Birthday of Argonaught Comedy was an event worth celebrating.

And what better way than to bring 4 of Greece's best stand-up comedians to Zurich for what can only be described as the best comedy party Europe has ever seen! 

So 4 comedians and 2 hours of comedy = 1 sold out show! 

Mikeius - Edinburgh, 05/10/2019 & Leicester, 06/10/2019

Mikeius continues his comedy takeover of the UK by "conquering" Edinburgh and Leicester. 

After his record-breaking 2 sold out shows in Manchester, this extremely successful comedian, YouTuber and science populariser is bringing his unique stand-up show to the highlands and midlands of the UK. 

Both shows were sold out! 

Giorgos Xatzipavlou - Timing World Tour Part I

Being the comedian with the longest European tour was obviously not enough for George, so in October he is embarking on not only his longest tour so far but also the one to take him to Dubai, setting the stage for his first World Tour. 

Also marking his first visits to Stuttgart, Malta, Copenhagen and Stockholm, this jet-setting comic is bringing his brand new show, entitled "Timing" to audiences in 10 countries! 

Mikeius - On The Trains European Tour

Mikeius first European tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ​

Only shows in Luxembourg and Copenhagen took place. 

George Zacharopoulos "Greek Unorthodox", Manchester 3/10/2021

UK based Greek comedian, George Zacharopoulos, is on his first solo European Tour which included a stop in Manchester. 

In his “Greek Unorthodox” show George looks at how immigration and career choices can affect someone's relationship with family, heritage, identity, adopted country, bank balance and liver.

tsouvelas afisa manchester.jpg
Alexandros Tsouvelas  Live in Manchester 4/3/2022

Alexandros Tsouvelas brought his new show to Manchester for the first time.

The show set a new ticket sales record! 

Ira Katsouda & Dimitra Nikitea - "We Brought Oil" European Tour

Τwo of the best Greek female comedians undertook their first European tour, stopping at ​10 cities in 8 countries.

Angelo Tsarouchas - Mythology Tour

Greek-Canadian comedian Angelo Tsarouchas returned to Athens, Thessaloniki and  Heraklion with his new show “Mythology”, while also performing for the first time in Rethymno, Nicosia and Stuttgart

All shows broke sales records!

Aristotelis Rigas "And His Name Is..." European Tour

Aristotelis Rigas, stand-up comedian and musician, returned to Europe with his 3rd solo show after 2 years of sold out shows throughout Greece!

Presenting a combination of stand-up  and musical comedy , he performed in Amsterdam, Valletta, Stuttgart, Zurich, London and Manchester, bringing laughter to the Hellenic diaspora.

ktoa-eurotour 2 poster.jpg
Aristotelis Rigas "And His Name Is..." European Tour Part 2

The 2nd part of Aristotelis' tour, returned to Europe with shows in Berlin, Copenhagen, Munich, Brussels, Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Stockholm and Hamburg.

Christoforos Zaralikos- "Why? Are They Any Better?" Live in Manchester 31-5-2024

Political satirist and one of the founders of the Greek stand-up comedy scene, Chistofors Zaralikos brings his latest show to Manchester, after sold out performances throughout Greece,

Angelo Tsarouchas - Skits & Wits European Tour

Angelo Tsarouchas is back with his lognest European tour yet. 18 shows in 16 cities over 9  different countries.

This'll be the first time he performs in Sweden Switzerland , Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, alongside shows in Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the UK.

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