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The Perfect Gin & Tonic

December 2013


As all great recipes, every cook adds something of his own to it and this is no exception.

The tip of adding 3 drops of Celery Bitters was given to me by an amazing graphics designer I met when working to "20 Years Phoebus". His name is Constantinos Chaidalis and you should check his work out on his site ( addition was to include two squeezed slices of lime as is the practise of bartenders here in Manchester. The resulting counterbalance of the bitterness of the gin, the herbal tones of the bitters, the sour taste of line and the tanginess of the tonic makes for an excellent G&T.

Thai-Style Pork Stir Fry

​September 2011

Once in a while I try my hand at my own recipes. This is one of the first. Inspired by my love of Thai cuisine.

The measurments are for one as I tended to cook alone at the time. Feel free to adjust to the amount of people you want to cook for.

The Anti-Ntakos
July 2012

Ntakos is a Cretan delicacy. It is a type of bagel, whose main ingrdient is a barley based rusk on which tomatoes and cheese is added.

My version is reffered to as the Anti-Ntakos. The reason being the addition of anchovies, as many people feel that anchovies should not be added to perfectly good food. I tend to disagree and therefore playfully name this creation. If you're a fan of anchovies and Greek cuisine do give it a try.

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